At Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins, the discussion revolves around the dance career, life and dream. This includes topics such as:

  • What it takes to be a dancer (and all of the many topics that includes)
  • How to make a dance life work for you (health insurance, retirement plans, planning, scheduling, branding)
  • Ways to teach dance (different techniques, approaches, ways to say/describe movement)
  • Discussions on certain aspects of dance (like using opposition in ballet, shoe fittings for pointe shoes, how to teach math and rhythm in tap)
  • Dealing with the emotional and physical demands of dance
  • Nutrition, and tips for being a stronger dancer
  • How to track your progress / keep clear notes of choreography, warm-ups and combinations
  • History of key players in dance
  • Interviews with professional dancers and other professionals currently in the dance world (like costumers, fundraisers, designers)
  • How dance helps students find their self-confidence, and the courage to believe in their dreams

At Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins, we track the dance experience; from the friendships dancers form during their years of education, to the stress they endure, and the passion that keeps driving them forward. Through the good days and the bad days, we dance because we feel a pulse within us to move. It is this lifestyle that we want to capture and share. We strive to create a community of dancers, dance educators and dance enthusiasts who are there to discuss, share and support each other, as we all journey on in dance.

We adore the beautiful things in life like:

  • The moment before a ballerina steps onto stage
  • The hours and hours of dedication and hard work that goes into just one moment in one class
  • The second the curtain rises and the lights turn on
  • When a standing ovation takes over an audience
  • When a little girl first learns tendu
  • When inspiration meets movement
  • Living what you love (every minute of every day)
  • The friendships, the struggles, the passion

Follow the dance journey and join the conversation.

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Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins was created by Sheena Jeffers in 2010.

Sheena Jeffers is a dance educator and writer from Virginia. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was also a member of the VCU Dance Team.

She has her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and Master of Science in Education, specializing in dance education, from Old Dominion University. Sheena is certified to teach kindergarten - 12th grade, as well as pre-school students to pre-professional adult dancers.

Sheena is the Dance Expert Writer for Answers.com and the dance reviewer for Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Sheena began dancing at the age of 5. She danced on a competition dance team up and down the East Coast, while also attending an arts school during the day, where she studied Musical Theater and dance. She loved seeing a grade for "Ballet" right next to a grade for "Math" on her report card, which inspired her to create K-12 dance curricula and work with public and private schools throughout the United States. Sheena also started Dance Camp for Children of Prisoners.

Sheena believes dance makes people stronger. “Dance makes us think; it makes us imagine possibilities. I have seen dance change lives and I believe dance instills confidence, character and self-worth. Humans are made to move, and made to feel. I believe whether you choose to dance recreationally or professionally, dance can show you how to do all of that, and more.”

She is addicted to coffee and reading books. No matter what city she's in, you can find her in a dance class.

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