Down Syndrome Doesn't Define

I want to introduce you to my friend, Hannah.


Social Media Makes Me Dance

Since the invention and mass production of smart phones, lives have changed, businesses have changed, and the way we think and approach communication has been forever altered. With over 45.5 million people in the United States using smart phones, concepts such as time, space and privacy have all experienced confusion. But one thing is for sure:

Technology has made the world dance more!


Teaching: Following their Journey

Here's the thing about being a teacher: You have to believe in molasses. It's a long, slow process that involves giving and taking away. It takes patience and hard work, but in the end you're left with something very sweet.

Becoming a teacher is one of the best choices we've ever made. Our students - regardless of age - have opened our eyes to new realizations, feelings and opportunities.

The first day you start teaching, you'll feel nervous but confident in your dancing. Then, you step into the classroom with 12 pairs of little eyes looking back at you with their hands on their hips, and then you'll realize teaching dance is far different than taking dance. Questions will flood into your mind: Where do I begin? Where do they come from? What do they know? How do they learn? How fast? How slow? How do I make them feel comfortable with each other and me and themselves and dance? What can I give to them that they will carry with them forever?

Young teachers want quick results. But as you grow (as an individual and as a teacher), you'll come to respect the process, and the time it takes.


Lessons on "Being Cool"

As dance teachers, we are around ages 12 to 18 on a daily basis. Not to mention we are with them in a room full of mirrors. We remember being that age, and we also remember the insecurities, anxieties and frustrations that came with those years. There was so much pressure to "be cool" and yet, we couldn't tell you what "being cool" meant exactly. So let's see.  Let's figure out what "being cool" means.


Love v. Money

Written by Sheena Jeffers for Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins.

There have been two times in my life where I can say I felt completely lost.


Teaching Dance: Ages 2-11

Starting a child's dance education when they are young is vital to the child's development in dance later in life. Learning stretches and proper posture, as well as learning how to hear and feel music, are all taught beginning at young ages so that later it seems "natural" to the dancer.

As children grow physically, cognitively and emotionally during this period in their life, dance is the perfect way to guide their cognitive and emotional development while aiding their physical development as well.


Top 10 Reasons: Dance & Community Service

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank


Dance and community service together can change lives. Here's how:


Just Show Up

“For me, sick days are out of the question. I like to think the show won’t go on without me. The harsh truth, though, is that I don’t take sick days because I know it will.”

We’ve always told our students: Just show up.

Whether it is showing up to a dance class, a social gathering, a friend’s birthday party, a wedding, dinner, an interview... just show up.


Just Don't Wanna

These cold mornings and nights are not our favorite. It's hard to push through and remember, "Spring is coming; Summer's right behind that;  Just wait" when you're having to get dressed and sit in a freezing car to work, work, work. Also, we're still exhausted from 2010! Winter is a harsh, harsh season, accompanied, for many, by the blues.

Most of these winter days and nights, we fight the "just don't wanna" attitude. See exhibit 1 below.

It's a hard battle to fight considering, hey, we're right there with ya toots!

So we've come up with the recipe to help fight off the "just don't wannas."


Lessons Learned

Some of the Hardest:

Your parents aren't perfect. They will mess up, make bad judgment calls, say mean things, become insecure, need advice, and have questions. Mostly, they are dealing with their own personal mountains and monsters.

There is always someone better than you. It's true. There is always someone. No matter how hard you work, how many trophies or ribbons your name is engraved in, how many schools you attend, books you read or documentaries you watch; there is always someone.



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