Dance Swap: 2013

Calling all dancers, dance fans, dance moms!

It's Dance Swap Time!


Here's how it works:

Give a dance gift. Get a dance gift.

Step One:

Sign up to participate. You must fill out the form below to be involved in Dance Swap! Sign up closes on August 31, 2013 at midnight. Note: Be sure to select a category. This will help your Dance Swap giver know what dance gift to surprise you with! For example, a dancer may want dance socks, while a dance teacher may want a new notebook for notes! So choose your category based on the kind of surprise you'd like to receive.

Step Two:

On or before September 14, 2013, you will receive an e-mail from us with your Dance Swap assignment! You will receive another dancer's name and e-mail.

Step Three:

On or before September 30, 2013, you will mail your surprise gift to your Dance Swap assigned dancer! You have two weeks to complete your Dance Swap assignment, and send it off in the mail to an eagerly awaiting dancer!

Step Four:

Tweet, Instagram, blog photos of your surprise gift! Use the hashtag #DanceSwap2013. Show off the goodies you received from your Dance Swap partner!


SIGN UPS HAVE CLOSED FOR DANCE SWAP 2013! Join us next year!


Do I have to be a dancer to participate? NO! Any dancers, dance teachers, dance family members and dance supporters are welcome!

How much money should I spend? Get creative! You don't have to spend a lot of money to make someone's day. We suggest not spending over $20. We know dance leotards can get pricey, so if you decide to send a leotard, know that you may not get a leotard back.

Am I sending and receiving from the same person? NO! You will receive an assignment to fulfill, and so will someone else. The person surprising you, is not the same person you are surprising. (Note: This is why we say if you want to send a leotard, be prepared that you may not receive a leotard, since it will be from a different person who has no idea you sent a leotard).

What if I don't receive anything? We are operating on good faith that the people who have signed up are willing to participate. Ballet Shoes & Bobby Pins is not responsible should a partner not fulfill their assignment. We do hope, however, that this project brings smiles and joy to someone. If you do not receive a gift, at least you made your assigned dancer smile.

Gift Ideas

- A dance book
- Dance socks
- Dance warm-ups
- A tote bag
- A painting / poster of a dancer
- A handwritten letter of encouragement
- A dance journal
- A nice water bottle
- A scarf
- A package of bobby pins
- A dancer survival kit: Anything dancers need!
- A dance T-shirt

Thank you to CuppaKim! We got the idea for this lovely Dance Swap from ACUPPAKIM's genius Mug Swap! We love her energy and passion, and we wanted to bring that to the dance community! Make sure you join her Mug Swaps! She's pretty fantastic!



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