Just Don't Wanna

These cold mornings and nights are not our favorite. It's hard to push through and remember, "Spring is coming; Summer's right behind that;  Just wait" when you're having to get dressed and sit in a freezing car to work, work, work. Also, we're still exhausted from 2010! Winter is a harsh, harsh season, accompanied, for many, by the blues.

Most of these winter days and nights, we fight the "just don't wanna" attitude. See exhibit 1 below.

It's a hard battle to fight considering, hey, we're right there with ya toots!

So we've come up with the recipe to help fight off the "just don't wannas."

1. On days when you're lacking all motivation to succeed and accomplish: Dress up! Ladies, pull out your heels; Men, your best pressed pants and shirts. Most days, we stay in our comfortable/warm clothes, that lack pizazz but also incubate you to sleep around 2:00 PM when your 8:00 AM coffee starts to wear off.

2. On days when you feel lifeless and cold and grumpy: Be active! Go the gym, turn on music and dance around the house, do those sit-ups you promised you'd do last year, or just stretch on the floor while watching Glee.

3. On days when you're feeling lonely and isolated: Call a friend! There are glasses of wine just waiting to be tasted, and conversations just dying to be had. Chances are, the friend you call is feeling the same winter blues. Go ahead, dare to share.

4. On days when you feel yucky: Take a long bubble bath or an extra-long shower! Showers aren't just about getting clean, no way. They wake you up, shed off the old and reveal the new. They bring peace, thinking time, or just... breathing time.

5. On days when you've convinced yourself you just don't have the energy or time: Do the exact opposite of whatever you've convinced yourself out of! Break whatever cycle the cold has driven you to.

If all of the above fail, just pick a verb below and do it:

Bake, sing, draw, write, love, dance, count, organize, act, paint, create, trust, slide, jump, pray, change, push, cut, think, read, pull, cook, run

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. - Dolly Parton



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