Keltie Colleen says: Be Strong, Dancers!

Keltie Colleen was born in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. She made a career out of being a professional dancer, against everyone's belief. How? "I'm 40% talent, 60% determination." She has worked with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, Christina Perri, Kanye West, John Legend, Miranda Cosgrove, Fergie, and Enrique Iglesias. She designs her own clothing line at Sugar & Bruno and she's written a book about the dance life struggles and benefits. She's one brave dancer, out there doing amazing things with her talent and her determination!

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BSBP: What has been the most difficult experience of your dance story?

Keltie Colleen: The whole thing! It's hard to explain, but most of my dance career I was so worried about what I was doing, if people liked me, if I was doing an OK job, and what was next that I rarely actually enjoyed anything. It's very stressful when your entire career is about YOU. If I failed, I had no one else to blame, so I just worked so hard. I went through many battles, with my weight. (I was once on "weight restriction" for a job, where they weighed me once a week. It was horrible.) I went through battles with my soul, and mostly, just the horrible rejection that happens 90% of the time.

BSBP: What is the difference in dancing with the Radio City Rockettes and dancing with artists like Taylor Swift?

KC: The Radio  City Rockettes was almost impossible to get hired onto. All of the other jobs it was half dancing and half networking. Rockettes was pure talent! The Rockettes was by far the hardest job, but you got to really bond with your cast. Other jobs like Taylor Swift were "on-offs" so it went by really quick. They were both really exciting in their own way.

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BSBP: What was your process when writing a book about your dance life?

KC: At the time, when I wrote Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom, I was really lonely and sad. I was on tour, with a broken heart, and really just wanted to post blogs about how much I hated my ex-boyfriend. I tried not to do that, and instead this little private book was born. I think there is something relatable about the story. Us girls - we deal with so much - trying to follow our dreams and follow our hearts - it's a ton of pressure. The response to my book has been overwhelming, and it continues to sell copies each month and I'm always surprised and happy.

BSBP: We loved your book! We think it captured the dance life accurately, and described - in raw and honest fashion - how you navigate a tough world while simultaneously going through some tough emotions.

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BSBP: You are now a correspondent for CBS’s omg! Insider, how have you seen your life transition, and how has that made you grow as a person?

KC: I sort of fell into the job, on the digital side, a few years ago and it grew into my current position on the show. I used to think that being a dancer was a tough job; I had no idea the amount of work and pressure that goes into appearing on television. I've been very lucky in my life though, because nothing I've ever done has ever felt too much like work. I love what I do.

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What do you hope for young dancers out there chasing their dreams?

KC: I hope that you are strong enough to not give up when the world makes you feel like you should.

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