Lessons Learned

Some of the Hardest:

Your parents aren't perfect. They will mess up, make bad judgment calls, say mean things, become insecure, need advice, and have questions. Mostly, they are dealing with their own personal mountains and monsters.

There is always someone better than you. It's true. There is always someone. No matter how hard you work, how many trophies or ribbons your name is engraved in, how many schools you attend, books you read or documentaries you watch; there is always someone.

People have the ability to just... stop. Loving, being who they were, keeping their promises, following through, picking up the phone, calling, looking at you the same way.

When it rains, oh when it rains. It doesn't usually just pour. It's usually something along the lines of: It's raining, it's pouring, the foundation on the house is collapsing, now the roof is leaking, wait did I leave my car window down? Go outside to check: confirmed. Your cell phone falls out of your pocket while running, now it's not working, call phone company: insurance ran out...yesterday.

You never reach the top. You're always climbing, always fighting, always striving for something more - or at least, just beyond what you currently have. There's exhaustion, debt, frustration and more where all of that came from.

Some of the Best:

Life moves on. You have a bad day? You get another new start tomorrow. You said something you didn't mean? You can fix it. You aren't stuck in any moment, feeling or situation.

Ninety percent of life is about showing up. Sometimes it's hard. Especially when it's raining/cold. But dare yourself to show up, and watch doors open.

Know and love yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know your fears. Know your wants and needs. Know what you don't want. Embrace it all: It's you. It's who you are.

Say "Please" and "Thank you." You'd be surprised how far this gets you.

Be happy. People invest in happiness.

"All that I know is I'm breathing. All we can do is keep breathing..."


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