Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Dance Teachers

You want to buy your dance teachers a gift. But you have no idea what to get them! If you've ever wondered what to get your dance teacher or your child's dance teacher, we can help you! Here are some cheap gift ideas that dance teachers adore (and can use in the studio!)

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Music Gift Cards

Purchasing music for class can get to be very expensive. By the end of the year, it easily reaches above $1,000. But music is important to dance teachers. They want the latest music, and the classics, to keep their classes interesting, upbeat and full of energy. Good music makes for good classes! An iTunes gift card, or Amazon gift card, will help your teachers continue to keep your kids moving and grooving in class to great music.

Gas Cards

Dance teachers commute, a lot. Many times they are running from studio to studio, or to their own personal technique classes, or picking up this or that for class. Gas cards help them get where they need to go, and it's a huge help on their pocket.

Massage Gift Cards

Dance teachers are always on their feet, and their bodies get exhausted from overuse. Treating your teacher to a massage or pedicure will brighten their day! This is something that feels great and is healthy for their bodies so they can keep up the high activity in classes.

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Coffee Gift Cards

Dance teachers work long hours of strenuous activity. They love their caffeine! Treating your teacher to a cup of their favorite drink will give them just the boost they need.

Gift Cards to their Favorite Stores

If you know where your teacher shops (Target, their favorite dance store, Etsy, yoga classes, Lululemon, Sephora) grab them a card! Many teachers shop at stores to buy things like notebooks for dance notes, or cases for their iPods for protection in class. They may buy construction paper and markers to help students with memorizing vocabulary or the different parts of the room. They also have to pay for yoga classes, or ballet classes wherever they take locally. These places usually offer cards for classes as well. These cards help teachers with the costs of personal fun things, or classroom things.

Frame with Photo

Dance teachers love memories. If you have a photo of your child and the teacher, or the class, give that as your gift. It's heartfelt, and teachers adore remembering the memories they've shared throughout the season.

School Things

Dance teachers are always in need of notebooks, dry-erase boards, note cards, markers, pens. Things that they use in class for instruction but also to take notes for themselves or prepare lesson plans. If you see your teacher using something often, take note of that! They'll most likely need more of that.

Dancer Things

Bobby Pins. Socks. Tights. Tank tops. Leotards. Bobby pin holder. Hair nets. Small brushes. Athletic tape. Band-Aids. Whatever you see your dance teacher grabbing from their bag or using on a daily basis, they'll need to replenish their dancer stash. Create a "Dancer Survival Kit" for your dance teacher. They'll be forever grateful!

Fun Things

Fun things like nail polish, stickers, little earrings or bracelets, a flower, a candle, bubbles for their bath! Dance teachers love little fun gadgets that they can use however it may fit into their life.

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Dance teachers love food! Find out your teachers favorite cookies or cupcake flavor. Chocolate covered pretzels, or peanuts. Gummy bears. The list goes on. Usually a dance teacher has a favorite candy, goody or dessert. And who doesn't love homemade food?

The Best Gift: Handwritten Letters

There's nothing better than receiving a letter from a student telling the teacher how much of a difference they made in their lives. Shared memories, documented progress, and a loving note will always be the most precious gift you can give to a dance teacher. Their goal is to help you grow and learn, and if you tell them they've accomplished that goal: the perfect gift.



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