Quiet Time

"Just hold on. We're going to make it through."

Growing up in the dance world, you learn to insist on excellence. The pressure that comes with this expectation can be difficult to carry along on your day-to-day life. Students of dance learn, at a very young age, the power of self-awareness and talking yourself through.

We learn our bodies, and what our bodies are of capable of. We inspect our emotions to determine where we are any given day. We test our strength, focus on our core, and we envision everything going on inside and outside of our bodies. We investigate our surroundings, our environment and the space we're working in and around.

Although all of the above is happening inside of us, dance is quiet time. The peace and stillness that comes from dancing is euphoric [intense feelings of happiness].

It's better than the feeling those who work in offices get when they turn on their Out-of-Office Manager and head out for vacation. It's better than turning your alarm off before jumping into bed. It's a feeling that nothing and no one can bother or disrupt. It's an extreme focus and sharpness that cannot be distracted or diluted.

It's quiet. It sets chaos aside, and allows movement to conquer. It is your world.

The moment...

In this moment... nothing else can touch you, you are free to listen to your body, your feelings and breathe.

Allow dance, and dance allows: beauty, peace, awareness, passion, integrity.


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