Setting Goals

As a young child, your brain would fill up with ideas.

You'd listen to ideas and hear yourself saying, "Or, we could do..."

Very early on, we need to understand how to set goals. Grab some highlighters, some sticky notes, and a journal. We can teach you how to take those grand ideas and make them... doable!

Step One

Visualize the ideas in a clear fashion. You must make "order" within the chaos. It's not about changing your idea; it's about focusing the idea, and using your words to communicate and solidify the idea.

So if you want to paint an elephant pink... great idea! But, you have to figure out where to get an elephant (on sale), how to get him/her to your house, where to get the paint, how to keep the elephant entertained during the process, and then how to "memorialize" that you finished the goal.

Step Two (for dancers / dance teachers)

Start applying this formula to dance classes. Visualize exactly what you want to accomplish then... get to work! Spin, fall, twist, fall, kick, ouch, spot, oops. So what if you have 4,000 failed attempts before you do it just once correctly. But once you do it correctly once... there is no going back! Your goal has been reached!

We've come to understand that setting goals is a lot about balance.

We must accept where we are currently, even if we know where we are isn't where we want to be.

That, dear friends,takes maturity. So, logically, it means that setting goals takes maturity. Setting goals means being able to live in the now while seeing in the future. Setting goals means you have to mentally be hours, days, months, years ahead of where your physical body exists.

So when you have a beautiful thought...

1. Grab some paper and a pen

2. Use your words to describe your idea (or draw it, or paint it)

3. Figure out the logistics

4. Begin the process of hard work, patience, trial-and-error, patience, hard work.

5. Watch your beautiful thought manifest!

The important thing is to trust yourself and your thoughts. Any idea is possible! Any goal is accomplishable! But we must go into an idea with an open heart and a realistic mind. From there... dream on, dreamer.

For more information on Setting Goals... Circle Time by Dance Advantage!


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