Social Media Makes Me Dance

Since the invention and mass production of smart phones, lives have changed, businesses have changed, and the way we think and approach communication has been forever altered. With over 45.5 million people in the United States using smart phones, concepts such as time, space and privacy have all experienced confusion. But one thing is for sure:

Technology has made the world dance more!

The Global Point of View:

Thanks to the Internet and bloggers all over the world, you are able to subscribe and read about what companies in Russia, India, Spain and Italy are doing. Thanks to Twitter, you are alerted as to when they update their blog with photographs, new projects or ideas. Thanks to YouTube, you can watch choreography clips from Los Angeles to New Zealand throughout China and back. You can post your own choreography. We have communicated with Editors in Chief of dance magazines, and networking Web sites for dancers and dance teachers who have helped us in numerous ways. While the landscape of communication, ideas, projects, fundraisers, education is now... limitless, it still feels personal and small.

In daily life:

What is so great about technology in the dance world, is that it's helped create and pull the dance world into the light. You can now "audition" virtually by scanning Web sites with ads looking for a specific type of dancer. Simply send a headshot, resume, and video link of your dancing. While there is still the classic idea of auditioning (waiting in line with 900 other hopefuls, rain or shine), the virtual auditions are as effective and contracts can be e-mailed.

Technology helps us keep up with our students. They have various avenues to take to reach us, and we have various avenues to reach them. We can post a video, or send a message to the students in a specific dance. We use the technology resources to help reinforce the lessons they learn in the studio. Students these days are quick, and their minds move far faster than we can imagine. Part of educating them is to entertain them. Keep them interested, focused and challenged. The way we do this, is by pulling from everywhere in the world. We connect what we do in the classroom to other companies, dancers, choreographers and students. We put their hard work on display so that they may see and share their growth with others.

Technology and Gettin' Jobs:

One of the best perks is when all of the hard work staying dedicated to your students' learning while staying present in the social media world lands you a J-O-B. The first thing you need to realize: It's possible. Using the Internet to market dance has pushed dance instruction and dance teachers to a new level. It's the exposure dancers and dance instructors have always needed to reach the public. Technology, including smart phones, has helped dancers stay on top of the crazy world of multiple clients, auditions, possibilities, opportunities, workshops and classes. Dancers survive by working their little booties off. A missed opportunity could mean no rent money. Now that auditions are being posted via Facebook and Twitter, mass text messaging or e-mails, the landscape has changed. More dancers are showing up for auditions, and their skill levels are beyond what they've ever been because these dancers don't miss out on anything! Especially technique classes.

Some Advice:

1. Don't be afraid to let social media work for you.

2. Be aware of your online presence, and allow that to show the world who you are.

3. Respond. If someone writes to you, follow up with them. It may open a door eventually.

4. Be kind and professional, but don't be overly fake: be yourself.

5. Love what you do and express that through the various avenues of technology.

6. Know your voice and share that.

7. Be able to back up everything you put out there.

8. Invite your community to share in your students' growth, your personal growth and your business ventures.

9. Be truthful.

10. Don't be afraid to disconnect for awhile. Everyone needs that, so everyone understands that. Resources shouldn't stress you out.

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