Things to Love About Teaching Dance

We'll share with you what we love about the life of being {dun dun dun} a dance teacher!

1. We love that we get to help students on their school projects! Whether it is being interviewed on a dance style or dance history, or calculating heart rates with a specific style of dance, or helping on a lesson about healthy eating for more dance energy... We're always willing to foster learning and pass on creativity mixed with curiosity in our world.

2. We love that our iPods are completely full of music from all over the world, with different tempos and different moods. We love that it will hop from "Pop Champagne" (for upper level hip-hop classes) to "Pop Goes to Weasel" (for creative movement).

3. We love that we can be there to believe in a child when they don't believe in themselves. We can be there to show love, support, positivity, strength. We can be there to guide them through, to find their confidence and wings to fly.

4. We love that we can be there for parents as extra backup and reinforcement. We are here to listen and help. We're on your team, parents. We all have the goal of teaching, guiding, and producing a successful, happy individual.

5. We love that creativity is endless. We're always on a "choreography high" where we can't stop smiling because we're so proud of the work everyone has done, and the progress our students have made. It's a fantastic feeling!

6. We love that we can help instill friendship among females and males. We love showing them how important it is to have each other for arts sake. We love helping students through arguments or disappointments, because that is life. People disappoint us sometimes. But we can always come back stronger.

7. We love that we help make dreams and wishes come true. Sure, it isn't all us (in fact, we are just a little piece of the puzzle). But we love that we are there, along for the ride, a witness to the journey, as individuals grow and grow and grow...

So basically: Dance teachers, we have the best job in the world.



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