Top 10 Reasons: Dance & Community Service

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank


Dance and community service together can change lives. Here's how:

1. It makes people smile: You see eyes light up as dancers take the stage. Excitement fills the room.

2. It's a moment shared: "Do you know Mrs. Avery can sing beautifully?" Suddenly, she began singing with perfect pitch "Ave Maria." She held her hand up in the air as her voice grew stronger, and while her hand shaked, she kept singing. Her voice echoed through the hall, as the young dancers stood in awe.

3. It's a moment away: Life can be hard. There are schedules, requirements, time away from loved ones. There are health struggles and money woes. But when dancers take the stage, all of the stressĀ fades away. Defenses dissolved, and bodies relax to enjoy the show.

4. You learn so much: After the performance, dance students can go around to introduce themselves and talk with the audience members. As quickly as the introduction was complete, the wisdom started flowing; stories of childhood, stories of families, stories of times on stage; advice about life, motivation to work hard and press on. Lessons students will not forget.

5. It feels good to expect nothing in return: Knowing you are giving to your community feels good. You leave with full hearts and big smiles.

6. Creating memories: Students must work together to complete this project, but they also see how the community works together. We all make friends and live a social life. We all still have dreams and still pull together to create those dreams. Learning the power of pulling together rubbed off of them.

7. You can make a difference in your home town: You don't have to travel to foreign countries to fix a broken heart.

8. Using your talent for good: Talent is a blessing, which, in return, comes with responsibilities. Share it. Spread the joy.

9. Staying in the Positive: People feed off of positivity. The joy you bring to members of your community will come back to fill your life with joy.

10. Because you only have one life: So why not share it? Love it? Live it? Believe in it? Show up where your presence is wanted and needed?

Photo: Dancers volunteering at a local nursing home


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