When a Dream Gets Tired

What was your dream future when you were 18 years old?

If we were to mail you your dream report card right now, where would you fall? Pass? Fail? Exactly where on the bell curve would you be sitting?

What happens to all of the dreams that get tired?

Dreams are like Tinkerbell. "Clap your hands! Clap your hands, and say you believe!"

Don't let your dreams die. Take out a piece of paper, and take this...


1. Write down your name.

2. Behind your name, put a comma and then the title of your dream.

3. Look at that. Let that sink in.

4. Write down the reason why it did or did not happen.

5. If it did happen, write down a list of names of people you should thank for helping you achieve and live your dream.

6. If it did not happen, write down three small things you could do that would give you a slice of your dream in your current reality.

7. Go do it! Thank the people who helped you, or go make that phone call, or send an e-mail, or Google something! Make it happen, even if it's just a little piece of it.

8. Leave us a comment, tell us your dream title and what you're going to do about it! If you want... you can keep it tucked in your favorite book somewhere too, if you'd prefer.

...and say you believe...



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